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VoiceInn is a two way interactive platform for businesses and institutions to communicate better with their target group using audio messaging system. It is a platform that can be customized to meet your requirement and thereby make your processes more efficient and effective. Our services will help you reach out to your customers, beneficiaries, employees and other stakeholders in a way that matters the most !

What can you do with VoiceInn?

Boost organisational efficiency

Enhance productivity and efficiency of your organization by being able to communicate better with your clients and stakeholders. Provide right information at the right time and be there to listen to what your stakeholders have to say about you and your activities !

Conduct awareness campaigns

Formulate social and/or brand awareness campaigns by providing audio information to your target groups and let analytical real time report speak on your campaign’s effectiveness.

Data gathering

Conduct powerful surveys using voice telephony in your tailored schedule and make more calculated decision in real time.

Extended support and engagement

Provide 24/7 on-call support and assistance to your stakeholders even without the presence of physical help-desk.

Grievance handling

Establish pragmatic mechanisms for your customers and beneficiaries to lodge audio complaints and feedback through voice telephony and access reports on real time through dedicated web dashboards.

Our Services


VBoard is an audio noticeboard that can be accessed from any geographical location by simply dialing a preset telephone number. The audio content in VBoard can easily be updated to your need. This is suitable for organisations that need to provide periodic announcements and notices to their target group.


VBroadcast is an effective way of disseminating audio information to your clients and other target group. Using the web interface, you can upload telephone numbers of your target group and schedule a convenient time to send audio blast to each of them. Later, you will be able to track details on performance of your audio blast through your customized dashboard.


VSurvey uses interactive voice technology to create your surveys and administer them through voice telephony to your target group. Responses can be collected in real time through audio responses as well as through keypad entry from the respondents. The surveys can be administered by asking your respondents to dial in a number or by sending audio blast to your respondents.


VReport is a generic platform for organizations to receive grievances, reports and feedback from clients who can lodge their report by simply dialing a telephone number and recording their audio messages. These reports are then made available to respective organizations who can link it with existing business processes and take care of them. VReport comes with customizable issue tracking and management system that will allow organizations to track and manage audio reports accordingly.


VSupport is a voice support platform for users to call in a dedicated support line and get necessary services accordingly. It allows organizations to create their customized logic to route incoming calls to respective support units, keeping track of the entire communication between your support unit and customers.

Why do you need VoiceInn?

Voice Messages are the most effective means of communication

It can help you reach out to your customers and target group who have limited or no access to Internet. It is also effective in situations where your target group have language and literacy barriers.

Customizable and interoperable

VoiceInn services can be customized to suit your business processes and requirement. Instead of being yet another technology stack, it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems to enrich your two way communication with your target audience.

Interactive reports and performance tracking mechanism

Easy to use and well laid out user interface allows you to track the performance of your audio messaging and collate insightful reports in real time to help you take critical decisions before it is too late.

Scheduled communication

Sending relevant audio broadcast to your target group has never been this easier. You can create customized audio messages and schedule delivery to specific groups and individuals without having to manually trigger them all the time.

VoiceInn is about helping you Communicate Better !

VoiceInn Used in

FightVAW: In this project (Fight Violence against Women) , VoiceInn was used as an integral element to provide avenue for victims of violence to report incidents of violence. These audio reports would then be accessed by dedicated operator and assign it to focal persons and organizations who would provide support and follow-up on individual cases of violence. The project was done in collaboration with the World Bank.

Ncell Appcamp: During Ncell Appcamp, a 6 month lone mobile app based pre-acceleration program, VoiceInn services where used to communicate with over 1,000 participants in an interactive manner. Information about various periodic trainings and seminars were audio broadcasted to participants, surveys on effectiveness of training programs were carried out periodically and centralized support services were provided to participants through various VoiceInn services.

PAF: In Poverty Alleviation Fund e-Chautari Project, VoiceInn services were used to provide audio telephony mechanisms for direct beneficiaries spread across various districts of Nepal to report back project related grievances and feedback, codified with specific location and activity of the project. These incoming reports were then linked with a customized issue tracker system that provided interfaces for project management and other staff to access relevant reports and act upon them.

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